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Review Korean Drama Not Played

Drama Series Reviews Not Played. Korea drama Specials that will be on display on tvN this time titled “Not Played“, scheduled to be broadcast on January 13, 2018 at 24.00 p.m. Saturday time South Korea.

Korean Dramas “Not Played” tells the story of a beautiful old woman who had served the family during his lifetime. At this time he was 60 years old and started to work part-time in the Hall table and there he found a true talent. K-drama specials this time landing Director Yoo Jong-Sun and writer Kang Min-Soo.

Review Korean Drama Not Played

Review Korean Drama Not Played

The players play “Not Played” is actress Won Mi-Kyung to portray the figure of a woman aged 60-70s, then there is also the actor Lee Hee-Joon to have played in Korea drama “The Legend of the Blue Sea” and the senior actor Myung Gye-Nam. Okay now could see Review of Drama Not Played.

Plot Review Korean Drama Not Played :

Na In-Sook (Won Mi-Kyung) aged 60 ‘s and he dedicated his life to his family. To earn extra money, she started a part-time job to clean billiard Hall. There, he discovered his talent for billiards.

Details Drama Not Played :
Title : Not Played
Another Title : Nat Peulreideu/ 낫 플레이드
Country: South Korea
Director: Yoo Jong-Sun
Written by: Kang Min-Soo
Episodes: 1
Network : tvN
Genre: Drama
Release time: January 13, 2018, at Saturday 24:00

Details List of Cast Not Played :
Won Mi-Kyung as Na In-Sook
Lee Hee-Joon as Jo Sung-Wook
Myung Gye-Nam as Park Bong-Cheol
Lee Chae-Eun as Lee Young-Sil
Park Yoo-Rim as child care teacher

Link Recaps Drama Not Played :
Recap drama Not Played Episodes 1 : Recaps

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